The magic of a

Spiritual Wedding

for a mindful celebration reflecting your authentic soul

It´s about you!

The love between two people who decide to consolidate their common path of evolution of the soul in a spiritual wedding.

It’s the feast during which you share your joy with your loved ones, with the people who have true heart connections.

But why
Spiritual Wedding at all?

You also deserve to praise your mindful and natural way of life on your wedding day. This day marks a new chapter in your relationship’s life, so stress, hectic, and outside influences are not part of it. 

In fact, it’s all about how you want your spiritual wedding to feel and what kind of memories you wish for from the bottom of your heart.

Because your wedding day’s emotions and energy will also be reflected in your wedding photos and video.

And all those little moments become your life story that will live on from generation to generation. You’ll be infinitely grateful to follow your inner and honest voice.

Let´s talk about dreams

Imagine, Your Vision
Comes True:

  • You celebrate an spiritual wedding with your favored ones or just „you two.“
  • The marriage day reflects your relationship’s spirit, only focused on essentials.
  • You enjoy not having a tight schedule, just being in pure energy.
  • And how relaxed, genuine, and honest you’re in front of your wedding photographer and videographer.
spiritual rituals burn incense
Spiritual Riual with burn incenses

Burn the Vows

When the flames rise and the fragrance of the herbs envelops the duration, all wishes will be revealed to the fire for the future.

Ritual drinking Water at a spiritual ceremony

Drinking Water and change

Are you ready to share with each other in life, both the physical and the emotional aspects of your relationship?

Ritual Handfasting with Malas

Mala Handfasting

Connect together and use the power of the Malas for your deep liveliness.

Quotes to spiritual Weddings

“You feel natural while enjoying the day. These were rounded up with amazing pictures.”

Wild And Free Spiritual Wedding Couple - Photography and Videography by OctaviaplusKlaus

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