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As you already know, Octavia is always on fire with the three magical words “Couple pictures sunset”. In other words, photographing couples in love at sunset – and in a magical place too – makes your heart beat faster.

Every sunset is something very special. We love everyone, but if it comes across as golden, then of course very special. This creates magical images with wonderful lens flares that gently caress the couple. And when we take pictures of our couples in love at sunset, we don’t stop when the sun has set, definitely not. We keep taking pictures until it is almost dark. After all, the light in this phase, also known as the blue hour, is simply wonderfully soft and makes a great skin tone. But now enough raved about the magic of the evening light, we almost forgot to introduce you to our passionate lovers Esra and Benny, who are sure to warm your hearts with their happy ending story.

cute couple pic AND A HAPPY END STORY

Voila, here’s the happy ending story and the lovely couple pictures.
Esra and Benny met in 2016 through mutual friends. As a little bird twittered for us, Benny was probably love at first sight. The spark that obviously jumped must have started a fire, because he immediately knew „I want to grow old with Esra“. These two special people literally experienced their very own summer fairy tale in 2016, how incredibly romantic! And two years later, Benny made a wonderful marriage proposal to his Esra in Sweden – who had just successfully completed her Masters there. It was the most beautiful day in Esra’s life.

Ultimately, our lovebirds spontaneously gave each other the yes-word, because it was very clear for both of them that we would stay together. Plus, it just felt right, and of course there would be a big party to come …

cute couple photos in the heather

… and from then on they lived happily ever after, no, probably not, otherwise there would be no happy ending !!! As you probably know, the marriage vows say „In good times and bad“. Now that the bad times would fall upon them so quickly, our lovers really couldn’t have guessed.
In spring 2019, Benny was diagnosed with testicular cancer. A very difficult time for both of them – numerous visits to the doctor, internet research, uncertainty, crying, getting up again, drawing courage and hope. And chemotherapy that wasn’t easy for Benny, but it made him cancer free today!
In addition, it was important to Benny from the beginning to deal with this “male disease” publicly and to do educational work. And he is really happy when he can exchange ideas with those affected and relatives and do educational work via Instagram. Make sure to check out his channel on Instagram, he is so positive and inspiring and really impressive how he mastered this stroke of fate. Benny also offers a great Podcast


By the way, these enchanting and intimate couple pictures of sunset were taken shortly before Benny’s cancer diagnosis. Back then, the world still seemed fine. And we are so happy and grateful that the two of them passed this difficult time as a dream team!
Take a look this love message Esra recently wrote to Benny on Instagram for her birthday:
„I’m so proud of the champion and warrior that you are @morningcoachben. We don’t know how strong we are until we’re tested. And I really couldn’t have found a bigger heart to fall in love with“!
So we have rarely read such a loving text and we are quite sure that the two will stay together. Because they have already mastered the most difficult test together. ♥ + ♥


Hey Naturelover, if you would like to have magical, wild, crazy and intimate pictures of yourself, then get in touch with us. We can’t wait to document your love. We are also happy to help you find your magical location for the sunrise or sunset shoot. 

Now we know SOME mystical places that are sure to delight you.
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