4 ultimate pros of a first look

What is a first look?

A wedding first look is a beautiful and significant way to start the day together. You will see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony.
There is nothing more beautiful than capturing each other’s expressions when you first look at each other. It’s something magical about this first sight as bride and groom, all to yourself. It’s belongs to you completely. It’s intimate and personal. You can let your emotions flow freely without the presence of other eyes, except for our camera.
You can cry, laugh, take your time together, admire your outfits. Whatever your reaction, it will be a wonderful and special moment. Allow yourself a few precious minutes alone before the big day really starts.
It’s truly a magical and special moment!

Below we have listed just a few of the reasons why you should have a wedding first look.


If at that moment you both to let your tears of surprise, euphoria and happiness flow. Then you can do it much more emotionally, much more freely. The groom is able to express his joy at the sight of his loved one in all forms. He can shed cascades of tears and he shouldn’t be ashamed of suddenly having to take out two or three handkerchiefs, sobbing for happiness. This emotional expression is sometimes blocked by the presence of guests. More particularly in the presence of other males! And the bride can also have the opportunity to express her joy and excitement with many other tears of happiness to the partner. Without the distraction of the guests who will try to attract her attention to have a smile, to greet her or tell her how beautiful she is! This is your moment!

The most beautiful emotions are those that we let explode freely and give the necessary time to be felt and welcomed. Your wedding first look is what will leave a deep mark in your mind and heart of this special day. It will be an unforgettable memory, one of the most beautiful of your big day.

A first look help ease excitement before ceremony

If you are one of those people who is more introverted. A person who don’t like to be in the spotlight and are downright afraid of the moment you move in at the wedding. Then the first look is a good way to calm down and bring you peace of mind.

Seeing yourself beforehand, takes away this stressful moment when all eyes and the attentions are on you. It’s a strong and exciting moment for both of you and precisely because there are two of you, this will give you great support and encourage for each other.

Seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony also means having time to admire your partner, to say something sweet to each other, feel confident and take away unnecessary tensions.

All of our couples, who did also a first look before the ceremony, told us in retrospect that they enjoyed both. Actually, they had two of them, one private and one official and both were equally strong and full of emotions. In this way you can have both. The beautiful memory of the first look and the tradition of moving in with a positive excitement.

Intimate vows at first look and not at ceremony​

Maybe you want to say something very personal to each other on your wedding day, but you don’t want to do it in front of the guests. Then a wedding first look is a good opportunity for it. You can do this freely riding the wave of emotions that are emerging or read from a slip of paper previously prepared. Also check out our article on wedding vows to explore your spirituality on your special day! >>> MODERN SPIRITUAL WEDDING CEREMONY

Exchanging words of love, sincere and authentic is the best gift you can give to your love. It’s as if your souls will reflect their light on each other for a new chapter of shared growth. It’s such a intimate and precious moment, for this reason it must be kept and protected. If it’s shared with too many people, it may lose its genuineness, intensity and beauty.

First look = more time for your guests​

Every bridal couple naturally wants to have many beautiful couple photos from their wedding day, but on the other hand they also want to spend time with their guests and loved ones.
If you had the first look with a short couple shoot before the wedding, you’ll have more time with your guests later. In addition, then the main couple shoot in the late afternoon or evening is no longer that long and you can enjoy the reception with more serenity.

The wedding day will fly away in a moment and there will be so many emotions that you will experience that you will find it hard to remember everything afterwards. The moments that will remain most etched in your memory will be those that you two will spend alone. The first look will give you a chance to spend time together before it all begins.

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