The best vegan Menu for wedding

Vegan wedding menu for all?

More and more couples are eating vegan and do not want to make an exception at their own wedding. Vegan food at weddings is not just a trend. In fact it is an expression of a lifestyle, that respects the environment and has a deep ethical root.

Adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle is not at all equivalent to a challenge of constant renunciation at the table. Rather, the spread of a vegan diet allows you to rediscover the most genuine flavours, often hidden by the uniformity of taste of those who believe they have a varied and complete omnivorous diet.

Your vegan wedding food will not only brighten the atmosphere for how tasty it will be but maybe it will be an opportunity for some of your hosts to change their mind about veg food and decide to introduce it into their lifestyle. The time has come to dispel some myths: A vegan does not eat sadly.

Below we offer you several ideas for your vegan wedding menu and, to do so, we were inspired by the cuisine of Daniele Leggio. He offers delicious and nutritious dishes every day, suitable for the needs of each person, always with great respect for nature and maintaining his integrity.

Vegan Wedding Breakfast Menu

Pink Crepe for vegan menu for a wedding

To start the day with enthusiasm and also with the right energy intake, your breakfast is a fundamental meal. So, do not skip breakfast! It will be an intensive day and you’ll need a lot of energy, not only physical but, above all, mental and emotional. Have an energizing and healthy breakfast complete with all nutrients to start the day on the right foot. A good full vegan breakfast means one that is made up of half carbohydrates – whole grains, fruit – and the other half protein and fat – soy milk / yogurt, nuts, legumes – this is to feel full and have a good dose of energy.

The most complete and nutritious breakfast par excellence is certainly the porridge with a vegan yogurt of your choice and fresh fruit. There are tons of versions and ideas, but our favourites are chocolate porridge, turmeric porridge or red turnip porridge.

We like the idea that on the morning of your wedding you don’t have to have things to think about or organize and in this case the overnight porridge is perfect; you can prepare it the night before by adding your favorite fresh fruit and topping the next day – here you will find a delicious idea:

If, on the other hand, you want to dedicate a little more time to your breakfast or there is someone who with a lot of love wants to prepare it for you, pancakes or crapes are delicious and satiating to combine with creams, fruit and toppings of your choice. We love the pink crepes, very romantic for the day, to combine with black bean nutella!

Yep, you read that right and it’s so delicious that you’ll want to dive into it. This is a really nice boost of enthusiasm and energy for your special day! 

Reception with vegan canapes at your wedding

Most of the wedding guests only had breakfast, had no lunch, and they need something to eat after the ceremony. Especially because having something to nibble on.

Therefore finger food and canapes are recommended for reception to always tease something when you are peckish.

Green light therefore to savory pies and vegetable flans such as the delicious “ panzerotti “ filled with vegetables, lentils and walnuts with a pinzimonio of vegetables to be enjoyed with a sauce. The vegetable pinzimonio also combines very well with hummus and falafel, if you are more in the mood for oriental food.

If the cravings are more exotic, the rice rolls with vegetables and tempeh with a soy sauce and peanut butter on the side are delicious and very manageable, oh so yummy !!!

In a very easy context and if the location allows it, pizza cannot be missing, and to stay on the vegan version there are many alternatives to the classic mozzarella and ham; it will be amazing to discover new tastes and flavours with a plant-based gourmet pizza!

Delicious vegan wedding menu

Let’s come to the main feature of your wedding: the menu. First of all, choose a catering or a location with an internal kitchen whose chef has already had to deal with the vegan world; that he’s ready to listen to your requests without diminishing your vegan wedding menu.
A menu to be defined vegan must be free not only of meat and fish but also of all derivatives such as animal milk, eggs, cream, etc. The choice of your menu, in addition to keeping track of the principles of veg cuisine, is important choose foods with a safe and certified origin, perhaps natural local products, it’s even better: in this way we support small farms, and avoid waste that is harmful to the environment.
Here below Daniele has created 4 menus to which you can inspire yourself according to the season in which you will celebrate your wedding. We are sure it will make your mouth water!

  1. Seasonal salad with organic products
  2. Appetizer
  3. Main
  4. Dessert


  • Fennel and Orange salad with walnuts, balsamico and fresh herbs
  • Beans Bruschetta with fresh sourdough bread, sage and rosemary
  • Cous Cous with roasted chickpeas, kale and orange
  • Tiramisù with persimmon and coconut cream


  • Greens with asparagus, blueberries, pistachios, and roasted pumpkin
  • Pink Hummus with falafel or flatbread
  • Sprouted lentils with roasted carrots, peanut butter, pomegranate and rocket
  • Strawberries and blackberries gallette


  • Quinoa salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and mix of toasted seeds
  • Tibetan Momos with vegan Kimchi or Rice spring rolls
  • Vegan Poke Bowl with homemade tempeh or tofu
  • Ice cream sandwich


  • Kale salad with raisins, onion, apple, red beet, pecan and vegan yogurt dressing
  • Panzerotti filled with chestnut and mushrooms with tahini and miso sauce
  • Black rice risotto with mushroom and hazelnut cream
  • Amaretti cake with prunes

Vegan wedding cake and sweets

For the vegan wedding cake, how about a very stylish naked cake, without eggs, covered with good chocolate? Fresh fruit will look great on this type of cake with some fresh flower as decorations.

You could also have, on the buffet table, exotic fruit salads, carrot or chocolate muffins, fruit popsicles, a vegan cheesecake or simply get inspired by the desserts listed above.

There are so many alternatives that you have the embarrassment of riches!

Check Daniele’s website for more inspirations!

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