Lesbian wedding: when woman love woman

A magical Lesbian wedding

Believe us; we remind Sabrina and Melissa’s same sex wedding with gratitude. When “woman love woman” openly reveals their love in a beautiful place, it becomes magical. It was a meaningful celebration with an incredible number of memorable moments, and we were there too, just spiritual!
An extraordinary moment at this LGBT wedding was the exuberant first look of the two lovebirds. There were also a few tears. When they went down the stairs, their fathers were waiting for them there and hugged them with joy, just touching. And how they moved all together to the ceremony and so many guests had tears in their eyes, excellent. Their emotional vows and Melissa’s cheer after saying yes were pure passionate joy. Of course, not everything functioned perfectly, such as heating the sealing wax they wanted to seal their love letters.

Real LGBT - or best Lesbian wedding

Or the rainbow-colored smoke bombs that didn’t do what we wanted. But a wedding in which everything goes perfectly is not a real wedding, that’s for sure!
There was a boozy reception with wonderful and relaxed guests. And all the men wore colorful socks at this LGBT wedding, what a great idea.
Melissa and Sabrina were so beautiful and so in love. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. And the flash mob after dinner, as a surprise, was legendary. Believe us; we’ve seen a lot. Between us, the decoration was a definite highlight of this same sex wedding. Numerous images are still so present in our heads.

Melli and Hini, we are infinitely grateful to have spent this day with you!


Lesbian Wedding Photographer/Videographer

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