Micro Wedding

6 reasons why couples should celebrate small

What is a micro wedding? Micro weddings are a new trend, not least due to the corona pandemic. And because of this, there is a great deal of confusing and conflicting informations about it. Indeed it’s a small intimate wedding where attention is focused even more on the spouses. A micro wedding is closely related to elopement. In fact, these are inherently intimate and typically have fewer than 30 guest together with the bridal couple.

This small intimate wedding is characterized by being relaxed, meaningful with a big attention to details. Micro wedding ceremonies are deeply personal, exclusive and harmonious.

And the main goal is to create a unique experience for the couple.

The couple planning the wedding have the power to define what micro means exactly. It\’s about the mindset rather than the exact number of guests. A micro wedding without great effort is the dream of many bridal couples who quickly feel overwhelmed by big celebrations. Because with many guests there is also a great need for planning, not to mention the budget. An intimate small wedding means less stress and costs for you as bride and groom.

Of course there are even more advantages that may not immediately come to your mind. If you want a fancy wedding decoration that is really expensive, you can better afford it at a small wedding. Read here why you can allow yourself even more at a small wedding!

Arguments that speak for a micro wedding

At a big wedding, you quickly miss details and moments because you are constantly busy greeting guests. You are making small talks and trying to keep the timetable in mind. Moreover, shoveling free time for an intimate bridal shoot is very difficult, because there are only small time windows. The day goes by in a flash. And in the evening, when you fall into bed dead tired, you don\’t even know who you were talking to. In worst case you are even happy that it\’s over! Oh No, we don\’t want that for YOU!

No strict schedule

With a micro wedding, in best case, you don\’t have a strict schedule. And there are more space for spontaneous actions. Even for an extended romantic sunset shoot in the wilderness.
A small intimate wedding, with fewer expectations, allows you to be more flexible and creative. You will be free to change things at the last moment. There is also no outside pressure to adopt wedding traditions that do not suit you. Plus, a micro wedding will be easier to coordinate, no matter where you are.

It\’s all much more intense and meaningful just because you spend more time on the single thing. You come into a spiritual flow and can let yourself go. It means being present with all in every moment. Being more creative and savoring every emotion from the full. These moments will create beautiful memories that you will carry in your heart to the rest of your life!

A little less of everything at a micro wedding

Celebrating a micro wedding means a lower level of stress! After all, you don\’t have to get any decoration for a large location and the food is not for 100 people, but only for 15-30.
If you celebrate abroad (which is much more likely with a small celebration) you can take better care of the accommodation and arrival and departure of your guests. A small, intimate wedding also means lower costs. Instead, you can spend the money on honeymoon or a long-cherished wish.

Wedding and honeymoon in one place

Having fewer guests means spending a good portion of the budget on other aspects such as decoration, photo and video services, clothes. Or for donating to a charity. You can also pamper your guests more by organizing some surprises for them. Either in the days before or after the wedding, for example a welcome dinner or a brunch.

In best case celebrate your small wedding there, where you want to spend your honeymoon. Maybe you can decide to make your small intimate wedding longer than a day. You can rent a house and have all your favorite people stay with you for a few days. The feeling of calm, shared joy, spontaneity and a warm and loving aura will be the reward.

Micro wedding = more budget for decoration and food

Quality instead of quantity should be the motto of a micro wedding.

If you celebrate a small wedding, your decoration can be very personal. How about a Thousand and one Night experience like in the following pictures?
Choosing an eco-friendly decoration is also a great way to decorate your location with respect for nature. You can arrange sustainable table decorations made from reusable materials like dried flowers. Dream catchers in the trees, fairy lights and candles as signposts and carpets and pillows in an outdoor lounge. All of these will create a magical atmosphere. Here you can invest the saved budget that accrues at a big wedding in a dreamlike one.

You can also make your own guest gifts, it makes a difference whether you\’ll make gifts for 100 or only 30 persons.

Did you consider the idea to engage an organic catering or a multi-course gourmet menu?
Those who attach great importance to sustainability can set prices much higher with a small number of guests.

More choice of wedding locations

You have definitely more flexibility when choosing a location for your micro wedding, everything is possible. Think about your ‚happy place‘ as a couple: What kind of environment do you find most peaceful and uplifting? When you need to decide, listen to what your gut says. Then listen to the mind too. Finally make everyone agree, leaving the final choice to your heart. The heart is always able to create the perfect balance and take the best choice for ourself!

Extraordinary locations are possible if you have only a few guests. With up to 30 guests you have all the options, especially outdoors. There are endless possibilities for your small event: villas, boutique hotels, farmhouses, barns, orangery, Air-BnB etc.

Moreover small locations are not fully booked for months and desired dates are often still possible. Small weddings on a meadow or in a garden or a free wedding ceremony by the sea can be organized easier. And you can concentrate fully on the loving details.

The day belongs only to you at a small intimate wedding

The first thing you ask yourself is why am I getting married? Hand over heart to impress and to entertain someone? Or rather to celebrate your love in the most authentic way that reflects your soul? In which of these aspects are you most comfortable?

When deciding on a micro wedding, you must instinctively decide who are your favorite people in life.
Don’t invite anyone just to make your parents happy. Say no to people who don’t play an important role in your life. And say yes to who make you fell completely at ease. Remove people from the invitation list with whom you don’t have much in common. Think about whether all relatives really have to be invited. Or you only invite these guests out of a sense of duty, even though they trigger unpleasant feelings in you. And what do work colleagues have to do with your special day? Also, say goodbye to thoughts and feelings of guilt such as: If we invite x, we must also invite y.

Micro wedding = more space for emotions

On your micro wedding, only closest friends, witnesses and family make everything much warmer and familiar! It’s an intimate festival. You can celebrate more personally, have more time for your guests and more space for your emotions. It’s also easier to let the tears flow during your vows in front of your dearest. Everything is completely natural and free from expectations.

How would you most like to get married?
If you still have questions, doubts, need ideas and stories from which to take inspiration. Or you’re looking for wedding photographers and videographers who specialize in micro weddings. Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for you and to make your special day unique and unforgettable!

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