Modern Spiritual Wedding Ceremony – What is it?

Real Love is not completing each other, but sharing one’s wholeness with someone else. And a spiritual wedding ceremony is the celebration of these magnificent love. The love between two people who decide to consolidate their common path of evolution of the soul. It’s the feast during which you share your joy with your loved ones, with the people who have true heart connections.

No promise of marriage until the end of Life?

We realized that no signature, blessing from God or ring cannot be enough to seal the future of a union between two people. Our way of seeing spiritual wedding ceremony is detached from the bureaucratic aspect of conventional marriages. Instead, it is the pure and simple celebration of the union of two people who are free and aware of their relationship and their vision of life.
We’ve noticed that there is still a lot of confusion between how a traditional wedding should be celebrated and a non religious wedding ceremony. Now let us put into words the image of our vision of a spiritual wedding.

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Show your love in a wedding vow at your spiritual wedding ceremony

Wedding vows is an intimate moment during the spiritual ceremony where the couple expresses their love to each another. Many couples are choosing to forgo the traditional vows in favor of writing their own. And they prefer a non religious wedding ceremony. This moment is about to communicate your love and appreciation to your partner, but not about a lifelong commitment.

Love in the present moment without any expectation from the Partner

No signature or blessing from God can seal the future of a union between two people, and even less a promise. Making a commitment to a lifelong with a promise means that there may come a time when you have to go against yourself to keep it. And that will not only make yourself miserable, but also the people around you. In this case there are no guilts. It’s the overwhelming and at the same time wonderful adventure of life that we cannot foresee or plan. But simply let ourselves be guided by its waves – sometimes calm and flat, other times stormy…


It’s all about the intensity of the fire of love that both feel towards themselves first of all. Which is then reflected on the other, to grow together and evolve towards a common purpose. Rather, choose to express your will to cultivating one’s love in an atmosphere of love, empathy and mutual appreciation.

Spiritual wedding ceremony takes place either at sunrise or sunset

Choosing to conduct your spiritual wedding during the golden hour means attuning to the magical energy of new beginnings. Besides you get images with incredible vibrant colors and warm, bright light.


As human beings we always have a very strong attraction towards sunrise and sunset. Each day you have two different opportunities to admire the magic of the universe. When the sun rises in the morning and when it sets in the evening you can feel a higher energy vibration if you simply open up to it.


The sun every day brings change and transformation. Integrating this into a non religious wedding ceremony improves the intention of a marriage. It is a moment with a very strong energy to let go of the old, to then express intentions and visualize new beginnings.

Choose an extraordinary wilderness place for your spiritual wedding ceremony

As children we are spontaneously connected with the Mother Nature. We follow its rhythms and we come into contact with ease, playing, falling, rolling on the ground, sprinkling ourselves with sand.


Nature is part of us and we are curiously attracted by its colors, scents and shapes. Being immersed in the natural world can mean receiving the most wonderful and unexpected effects on our mind, body and soul.


In wilderness you get more grounding and calm to yourself. Celebrating a spiritual ceremony in nature can be a perfect way to reconnecting yourself to the greater Life Force. It means choosing as witness the great immensity of the vital energy that surrounds us, Of which we all are part, and which accompanies you with strength and vitality on the path you choose to share with the loved one.

What about meditation during a spiritual wedding ceremony?

As the climax of a spiritual wedding, you can integrate a proper meditation. You could also share this moment with your guests, accompanied by a speaker or with live music during which the loved ones around. Let enrich this moment with many positive thoughts and energies.


For instance you could close your eyes all together for a moment and imagine yourself as a small interconnected forest. The two newlyweds are two independent trees that are now close together and can share a common space. First they imagine themselves intertwining some roots, and approaching some branches. Second they imagine that they are shaking their boughs vigorously and drop the dead and old leaves and branches to the ground. These represent old emotions, whether positive or negative, to make space for something new and fresh. All this while the other trees around – loved ones – support and protect them with sweet thoughts of love.


During spiritual ceremony, this is a beautiful atmosphere to carry in the heart and spirit in the future of one’s love story!

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