Relaxed Wedding: 10 Secrets to have a stress free wedding day

The ultimate guide for a chilled outdoor wedding day with a relaxed bride

First say YES to a relaxed wedding, decide in your mind and set an intention that your wedding will be stress free.

During all the experiences we have with our spouses, we realized that sometimes the wedding day has a double-face. On one hand there is a lot of enthusiasm, emotional exchanges and celebrations but on the other hand it brings a big accumulation of stress which sometimes, if managed badly, leads to exhaustion the two newlyweds.

Second say GOODBYE to the idea that your wedding day should be perfect! This is not about the best dress, best location, best decoration or the entertainment for your guests. This beautiful day is about you and your beloved, so think about why you want to get married, focus on the importance of your love and try not to be influenced by others opinions or social media ideas about what goes into a perfect wedding.  

Below we’ve collected our best advices for an amazing relaxed wedding.

No expectation on the wedding day = relaxed wedding

Challenge yourself to enjoy and relax without being in charge of making anything happen, it’ll be good practice for your stress free wedding.

Expectations prevent us from living in freedom and accepting the course of things, because we think that it is enough to desire something in a concrete way, because then it must necessarily happen. In reality, what has to happen will happen, whether we agree or not.

The key is to learn to recognize the difference between what we can control and what we can not. We cannot control the circumstances of the world and life, but we can decide how we relate to all of this.

Any expectation of a perfect wedding creates a lot of stress, because you absolutely want it 100% no mistakes and that definitely leads to uncomfortable. These is a day of love, joy, connection and gratitude.

I invite you to cultivate the latter in particular, being grateful contributes to increasing the feeling of confidence which is in turn connected with lower levels of stress and anxiety. So be grateful for this day and that you can celebrate your love with your beloved and loved ones around.

Start your wedding day relaxed

Start your relaxed wedding day and try to dedicate the first hour of the day for yourself; wake up your senses by drinking warm water and doing some movement like yoga or a walk. A meditation is a great way to balance your energies; use visualization and express your intentions for that day. But rather than picture what you would like to happen, imagine how you would like to feel during that day and feel like you are already experiencing it. Visualizing what you would like to happen on a physical level would lead to create expectations that may not come true exactly as you imagined. Instead, imagining and feeling the emotions that you would like to experience means tuning into the universe and attracting the right energies!

Also do not skip breakfast, it will be an intensive day and you\’ll need a lot of energy, not only physical but above all mental and emotional. So have an energizing breakfast complete with all nutrients and try to choose a herbal tea instead of coffee, as these latter tends to increase the stress hormones.

And last but not least throw the tradition overboard that you should sleep separately the night before the wedding. There is nothing better than waking up together.

A relaxed getting ready that’s half the battle

Once you have gathered your energy to start with the day, choose a relaxing playlist in the background, that will give you the right mood you want to bring in this beautiful day.

For getting ready choose to surround yourself only with the people you feel you can be yourself completely, without veils, and who you feel are honest and authentic in turn. Someone who is hectic, critical or in some way doesn’t put you at ease, is better that they don’t share this space around you, precisely because it’s a sacred moment and we all want a relaxed bride. Perfectionist mothers in particular are sometimes very critical of their daughter’s appearance on the wedding day, they don’t do it in bad faith, it’s just the way they express their love.

Give yourself enough time to dress up – you may ask for a person who knows how to put on the wedding dress – for hair and makeup as well. Take all the time you need quietly and sweetly because what you really want is to feel beautiful and completely at ease. If you are a personality who needs the confidence that everything is working and in tune, do a dress rehearsal beforehand to put on the wedding dress, hair and makeup.

Relaxed wedding dress = relaxed bride

Especially in nature weddings you are only outside, move a lot and also go into the wilderness during a couple shoot. Full freedom of movement is the most important thing here so that you are not totally tired and stressed after a few hours. Be comfortable clearly takes precedence over a princess dress and fancy shoes. You have to be able to move comfortable in it, not constricting and if that is not the case, then you’ll not have a relaxed wedding. When trying on clothes, you can test very well whether you can move around in it and how the dress falls when, for example, the wind blows… Ask yourself ‘’Will I be comfortable wearing this for hours?’’ Move your body as you already live the adventures you will encounter during your dream wedding day!
What we wanted to make you understand that your perfect apparel must make you feel beautiful but at the same time it must not distract you from the emotions of happiness and enthusiasm that you experience on the your day.
Check also our guide on how to choose the perfect relaxed wedding dress!

Stick with your spouse

Of course, this is your day, you are the center and therefore all the attention is also directed towards you. And towards your love, affection and vision of your future together. Please make sure that you are not separated often on the wedding day. It’s your wedding and not a cocktail party where you have to entertain your guests. If you invite many guests, have a get-together the evening before, where you can talk to everyone and relax on the wedding day.

In addition, it’s very difficult for the photographers to take some nice photos of the two of you when you are constantly separated. To prevent this from happening, I invite you to dedicate some time to just the two of you. Do it at the First Look so that you can be alone for a few minutes before the wedding, maybe spending it in nature. Dedicating some time alone between you two before the whole party starts means becoming aware and realizing this new beginning and contemplating it together. Look at each other and just be to yourself, let your emotions run free… check also our article on how to delve into the spiritual side on your wedding day.

Designate a relaxed person who will keep your back free on your wedding day

For a relaxed wedding you definitely are not allowed to plan anything on this special day. Give up control, even if it’s difficult. Find a trusted person, who loves to arrange and have everything under control. A person who is well informed about your vision of a stressfree wedding. But at the same time is absolutely relaxed, always keep calm, helpful, empathetic and self structed. It could be your friend, a colleague, cousin or you can directly contact a person who does this professionally as a wedding planner, bookable only for the wedding day. A specialist who will know perfectly how to organize and coordinate every aspect of your wedding to have a relaxed wedding.

No change of location for a stress free wedding

Getting ready, first look and celebration in one place every additional drive could be stressful for the newlyweds and the wedding party.

To live your relaxed wedding at the best, avoid changing the place of your celebrations, otherwise unforeseen events, organization problems and discontent could easily arise. Rather, choose to celebrate your wedding in a beautiful place outdoors, where it is easy to move on foot from one scenario to another and have everything close at hand. A place where you can decorate and create a relaxing and familiar atmosphere, where everyone can find their own place and feel at ease.

No mobile phone for a relaxed wedding

The cell phone is not a good companion on the wedding day.
The day goes by so quickly and if you keep pulling out your cell phone you are distracted from the moment
Congratulations messages can be read the next day, it is best to issue a ban for guests too, so that the photographer only takes photos of people who do not constantly hold their cell phones in front of their faces.

It’s not taking hundreds of photos and videos that will help you remember this moment for a long time, but it is being completely in the present and living it to the fullest that will make you cherish this moment forever in your heart. So put the phone away and experience every moment as an eternal present, in a complete state of awareness. I advise you to start a few days earlier, because it isn’t easy to get used to checking every single free moment the screen in search of notifications.

As for the moments to be immortalized, we will be professionals in the sector who will be able to capture every moment of your special day in the best way.

Have a plan b for a rainy outdoor wedding

Nature teaches us to let go of what we cannot control and this is the weather. So keep in mind the possibility of a raining day and someone or something could get wet. Therefore imagine and organize alternatives with the possibility of ‚bad‘ weather; keep umbrellas handy, if necessary set up your tent in advance and prepare the most suitable alternative footwear. But above all, do not constantly try to check the Weather app on the wedding day, it will just distracts you from what you experience as we said before. Moreover the weather forecast are not accurate very often, so this will create unnecessary expectations and anxieties. Live your present and let yourself be carried away by the unexpected of the nature!

And also, even if it rains, we like to believe in the tradition it says that this is the way the Mother Nature blesses the couple with so much happiness and abundance, for a long and joyful life together! So why not want to such a special blessing with some drops od rain and a bright rainbow in the background.

Last but not least: your wedding dress must be dirty

Say goodbye to the thought that your dress can’t get dirty.
Of course your dress has to get dirty, after all, you are partying in nature you only put it on once, it would be a shame if it was clean after a wedding then that would mean that you didn’t fully enjoy your wedding the dirtier the dress, the more beautiful and exciting the wedding was.

With this we want to invite you to let yourself go, not to distract yourself from thoughts such as “ I mustn’t ruin my dress “ but to fully live every single moment without unnecessary mental restrictions. Be fully present. Have fun, play, be silly, frolic with your love in an orchard, maybe a cliff or a desert or wherever you happen to love frolicking. If you go into your wedding day prioritizing having fun and enjoy with your love, then I promise you won’t give a damn whether or not there’s a smudge of dirt on your dress at the end of the day.

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