7 Tips for a super relaxed Getting Ready

Imagine it’s your wedding morning! Admit it; when you think about it, does your stress level rise a tiny bit?! Right? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you with seven terrific pieces of advice to celebrate your wedding getting ready in the most relaxed way possible.

The hours before the wedding, when you get ready, are a significant part of the day. A colorful spectrum of all possible emotions includes nervousness, silence, joy, tears, laughter, and dreams. It feels like the calm before the storm, and, at best, it should be a pleasant and relaxing time.

As Lemony Snicket said:

„Morning is an important time of day because the way you spend the morning can often tell you what kind of day you will have“

this lovely free spirit bride enjoy the last moments before the ceremony

So how about if you keep your morning routine on your wedding morning. Whether yoga, meditation, a walk-in nature, or whatever is good for you mentally. Keep it that way on the wedding day. And don’t forget to drink and eat before you start, even if you don’t feel hungry!

Let’s go and dive into our seven sacred tips for your calm and relaxed getting ready.

Soft colors and natural light for your feel-good atmosphere

Did you know that soft colors calm the soul and create a feel-good atmosphere? Rooms with neutral colors are therefore best suited for getting ready. White, beige, gray, cream, and of course, the whole range of pastel tones let you enjoy the wedding morning in a super relaxed way.


And if you love the dark and rustic style, choose a room with dark wood, but always with a large window from which you can look out into nature. Simply priceless!

There is something else when choosing the wedding getting ready room; natural light is a must. A place with large windows and enough natural light coming through the windows makes all the difference.


But what are the best wedding preparation locations? How about a cute Airbnb room, a charming Bed & Breakfast, maybe even a small villa or a boutique hotel? The main thing is that you can look into the great outdoors on the morning of your wedding.


Rooms with green, red, blue carpets, wallpapers, and curtains reflect exactly these colors in your face and your wedding dress. The pictures and videos get a color cast that is almost impossible to fix. And avoid mixed light (daylight mixed with artificial light) because this leads to strange skin tones, even if you can’t see it with the naked eye. When you take this to heart, you will get stunning pictures.

laid back getting ready, the bliss bride and her bridemaid are best friends

Only heartwarming people around you at wedding morning​

As you surely know, our body is like a sponge. It absorbs a lot of the energy surrounding us, especially if we don’t know how to protect it. For that reason, it is essential to choose the right people around for your wedding preparation. You want to feel super comfortable on the wedding morning, dear prospective bride, right?

So for your wedding getting ready, surround yourself only with your heart people, you feel you can be yourself ultimately. And who you think is honest and authentic to you, also your service providers. Someone who is hectic, critical, or in some way doesn’t put you at ease is not the right person to space around you. Perfectionist mothers, in particular, are sometimes very critical of their daughter’s appearance on the wedding day. They don’t do it in bad faith. Sometimes It’s just the way they express their love.


We firmly believe that a laid-back atmosphere is an essential part of your wedding morning. Because if you feel stressed and overwhelmed with certain people, you can’t let yourself go and, more importantly, just be you. All these will, unfortunately, reflect in your pictures and video.

happy and relaxed mood while putting on wedding dress

Your perfect hair and beauty timeline for getting ready

Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need for your wedding getting ready. We can’t stress this enough. You will most definitely wish you had planned for more time. Styling and applying make-up takes at least 2, more likely 3 hours. It feels so good to enjoy every single moment and not have to worry about time. Experience has shown that usually, putting on the wedding dress takes longer than you think. Ask for a person who knows how to put on the wedding gown beforehand.

Are you a personality who needs the confidence that everything is working and in tune? Make a dress rehearsal beforehand, the same with hair and make-up.


Do I need a hair and make-up artist? Definitely! Because a professional stylist will not only put you in the best light but will also bring you even more calm with his presence. DSLR cameras tend to produce desaturated colors, so perfect make-up with the right shades is so important. Have you ever been professionally made up? Pure relaxation that you shouldn’t miss. Just decide on a stylist who fits energetically with you and that you feel a positive connection to them.

our lovely bride enjoy the silent atmosphere. She looks happy and relaxed. A good start in their wedding day.

Calming scents and relaxing background music on your wedding morning

Prepare a relaxing playlist on Spotify of your favorite songs that you feel are leading you to a lovely vibration on your wedding getting ready.


Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Blue Lace Agate Crystals are all fabulous for calming your energy. An oil lamp with essences – like lavender, ylang-ylang, wild rose, pine tree – provides the right fragrance on your wedding morning.


Also, lighting some candles and incense around gives you a relaxed feeling. In particular, scents like sage, Palo Santo, sandalwood offer a real deep energetic cleanse. While doing this air purification around, you open the windows and take an air bath. Let go of the old and let in the new.

Prepare your wedding gown and your accessories

Now let’s talk about your beautiful wedding gown and all your stunning accessories and how to bring them to shine on your wedding getting ready.
Stow up all your essentials like wedding/engagement rings, flowers, jewelry, shoes, etc., in one place or, even better, in a box. Hang up your dress beforehand. Do these little tasks early on the wedding morning. Your photographer can take all shots of your essentials without disturbing you during your getting ready.

Put on something nice that you feel super comfortable, like a beautiful dressing gown in soft tones made of silk or lace. Your fiancé also can, of course, wear something chic and leave the baggy look at home.


A messy room? NO! Clean up your wedding morning space. Make the bed, stow away all clothing, suitcases, and other items. That will create more order on an esthetic level and a sense of balance in your mind. So the photographer/videographer has the opportunity to capture moments that only concentrate on the essentials without disturbing elements.

a golden mirror is a perfect place for your wedding gown.

No more planning on your wedding morning!

You love to organize, GREAT, but not anymore on your wedding getting ready!
Yes, even if it is difficult for you, it will take the stress off your shoulders. Now you’re wondering how I am supposed to do this?
Find someone you trust in advance who loves to organize, arrange and have everything under control.

jumping and happy bride with her bridesmaids. we love relaxed weddings so much

How about a reliable friend or a precious colleague whose orderly and calm manner you appreciate. Or you can look for a professional wedding planner directly. Either a wedding planner who takes care of the entire wedding planning or a service provider booked only for the wedding day. If you let go of these organizational impulses, we promise you that you will go into the wedding morning much more relaxed. Your wedding will be exciting, but you will enjoy every moment!


Your mobile stays off all day! Imagine how precise it will be when you turn it on the next day and read all the fabulous messages in peace. What a treat!

jumping and happy bride with her bridesmaids. we love relaxed weddings so much

Your "alone time" on the wedding morning

Finally, when you’ve finished your wedding getting ready, with your beautiful dress on, a hairstyle, and make-up that makes you feel shining, it’s time to take some laid-back portraits of you!

Smiling and chilled brides are the bestThe make-up is still really fresh and perfect, and no matter what happens that day, the first great photos are in the can. We recommend doing it alone without any spectators. That helps you to relax more and feel completely comfortable. It’s YOUR time before your wedding day starts.


Your mobile stays off all day! Imagine how precise it will be when you turn it on the next day and read all the fabulous messages in peace. What a treat!

smiling and chilled brides are the best

✨ Bring your spirit to the present moment along your wedding day ✨

When you notice that your mind is wandering, focus your attention on your five senses.
Consciously perceive the colors and shapes of your surroundings. Enjoy all the sounds around you, on the one hand, the nearby vibrations, and on the other hand, the distant noises. Deliberately perceive the material of your wedding dress on your body, or goosebumps, when your hubby touches you. Let the different scents, natural essences, and perfumes of your loved ones work on you. Enjoy every hug and being close to your favorite people. Feel the aromas in your mouth while sipping champagne.

Accept every feeling without judgment. Everything is suitable as it is! Just let yourself be brought into the present moment again and again with your five senses. This way, you will remember all the special moments of a lifetime.


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