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What is an elopement photographer?

In recent years, our society has been transforming at a dizzying speed. This is why we need to slow down, find our center, and return to the essentials. A collective awakening is slowly taking place from which people seek greater mental clarity. To rediscover those most fundamental values. For living a life joyfully and in a balanced way for themselves and future generations. From our point of view, that was one of the reasons the elopement wedding was born. It is a new and excellent way for couples to express their love authentically and genuinely. And an elopement photographer plays a vital role in this. But let’s go deeper into this.

What does elopement mean and why book an elopement photographer?

Let’s start by saying what elopement is not. An elopement wedding is not a ‘’perfect’’ and overloaded big, hectic, stressful celebration. Afterward, the couple falls tired into bed in the evening, praying to heaven that it is “finally over.” It’s not about wedding photos where couples pose and look unnaturally at the camera. Because the schedule is so tight, the pictures are quickly “squeezed in.”


Open your heart and feel if what follows resonates within you…Imagine you’re on a beach, in the mountains, or your favorite outdoor place. A wild and unspoiled environment, incredible vastness, and an absolute connection with Mother Nature surround you. The sun slowly sets and gives the landscape a golden tone. You hear your laugh, have fun, and smell the scents in the air. There are feelings of freedom, excitement, and love! You have a day behind you that could not have been more enjoyable. Only your closest friends and relatives are on your side—or maybe just you two with us as your elopement photographer.

Elopement is so much more!

From the outside, an elopement looks like an intimate celebration for two or only in the company of your loved ones. But this is so much more! They focus on what matters. The declaration of the greatness of your love to your beloved. And the desire to spend life together. It symbolizes your genuine, authentic relationship, and the focus is entirely on both of you. It’s only about you. The great thing about intimate weddings is that there are no set rules. You can make your day the way it speaks from your heart and reflects your soul. You celebrate your elopement without any time pressure, in a natural way, unconventional, crazy, wild, free. As a couple, your love for each other is absolutely in focus. Your love belongs only to you, and you deserve that your elopement reflects that!

Intimate little wedding or elopement?

Whether you celebrate in a small group of your loved ones or only as a couple, it makes no difference to us. Whether you are 30 of your best friends or your parents and siblings, it would be best to decide how this day will be organized. The main thing is that it is uncomplicated and natural, free of time constraints and to-do’s! As long as the focus is only on you and your intimate connection.
We look forward to being part of this day as your elopement photographer!

Do you want a wedding photographer... or elopement photographers with experience, elopement guides, and friends?

When we get to know each other and visualize your elopement, you’ll feel your dream wedding has already begun!

We help you as elopement photographers and guides to create the picture of your special day, whether it is a local service provider, location search, or ideas for decorations. Or tips and suggestions on wedding dress, hair, and make-up that should withstand special requirements. Imagine you’re in the middle of the steppe in Morocco during your spiritual couple shoot. It’s windy and stormy on the dunes, yet you have the most fun. And you haven’t to worry about your wedding dress and shoes. Because you’re barefoot, and the wedding gown is made for it! We support you with helpful tips and recommendations and our experience as elopement photographers!

Your elopement is not just the ceremony and a few wedding photos

the entire experience will make this day unique!

Your elopement is full of relaxation, naturalness, happiness, affection, intimacy, madness, passion, enjoyment, wildness, and freedom. As a couple, you feel filled with all of these emotions experienced by your senses. You’re in the flow and have a deep spiritual experience connecting with nature and the beloved around you. And you feel your love more intensely than ever before. After your wedding, you’ll know it was the only proper way to get married!

The best way to make these moments last forever is to book us as an elopement photographer and videographer. We will reflect on the magic of your elopement day. And you’ll receive light-flooded, unposted pictures with earthy and natural processing. The original tones in your elopement movie will bring you back to all the essential moments.

We love to be by your side on your wedding day. Our purpose is to make you feel secure and super comfortable with us. As if we had known each other for a lifetime, you don’t need too many words to communicate.

Are you ready to start your dream elopement?

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